Almost every sport today has a betting scene, but few thought that sailing would explode in popularity as it has in recent years. While some may picture sailing as a slow, boring sport, there are many that enjoy the patience it requires to follow sailors as they race against each other, and the unpredictability of the sport has made it perfect for betting. There are now more bookmakers than ever that offer full yacht betting coverage, making it one of the best modern sports to bet on online.

Sailing Basics

Although sailing has been around for centuries, the actual sport itself is fairly new, growing massively in popularity from around the late 1800s onward. Yachts have become a favourite pastime for many around the world, and today there are thousands that own and sail their own yachts, with some even doing it professionally.

The first recorded yacht race took place in 1851, where a team of British sailors challenged American sailors to a race. America won the race, and since then, sailors from all over the world have been racing against each other.

Modern Yacht Racing

International yacht racing tournaments have become one of the most beloved water sports around, and while there are some short races that take place, there are also others that can take months to complete. Some sailors will race from one country to another, with the winning being the sailor that reaches the destination country first.

Types of Yacht Bets

While betting on yachts is not quite as detailed and intricate as other sports betting, there are still plenty of bets that a better can take out. The most common is the winning bet, where the bettor simply wagers on a sailor winning a race. There are also long-term racing bets, where bettors from around the world will place wagers on a multitude of sailors in the hopes that their chosen sailor will reach the finish line first.

Yacht betting is considered extremely high risk, as it is almost impossible to keep track of where the sailors are, and what kind of conditions they will be facing. Strong winds and storms can hamper a sailor’s progress, and bets made on sailing are usually done by those more experienced bettors.

Getting Started

For newcomers to the sailing betting scene, the first thing to do is find a reputable online bookmaking site that offers a full selection of sailing bets. Both local and international bookmakers now offer Canadians full customer service, currency support, and even live coverage of the events that take place around the world.

Yacht Bookmakers

Like sites offering casino games at, there are a number of online bookmakers that offer Canadian bettors a wide variety of bets to choose from.

Many bookmakers specialise in sailing, and use their experience and on-hand knowledge to try make informed decisions on how yacht races will turn out. The high risk of the sport does also mean that there is a high reward, and it can be quite lucrative for bettors if their chosen sailor performs well.