People enjoy betting on sports for many reasons. For some punters, it’s all about knowing their team and knowing when to bet. But for some others, engrossing themselves in the world of sports is what success is all about. These are the people who have realised the incredible heights of success they’re able to reach with the correct tools and discipline.

We’ve put together a handy FAQ section about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about sports betting.

Which Sports Are Bet On Most?

This largely depends on the country you’re living in, as well as personal preference.

In the US, for example, betting on the NFL is bigger than big. In fact, every year, over $6 billion is wagered on the Super Bowl alone.

Is Sports Betting Legal In The US?

Yes, you can bet legally on sports in the US. Whether you’d be permitted to bet at a retail location as well as online will depend on the state you’re living in.

Which Sport For Maximum Return?

The answer to this question is simple: betting on the sport you know the most about is your best chance of turning a profit.

Generally speaking, the biggest generator of profits for sportsbooks are parlay bets. These require not only skill, but also a healthy dose of luck and good timing.

How To Best Make Money?

When betting on sports, the single best piece of advice anybody could give you is to put effort into shopping around for the best betting lines.

Different sportsbooks will have different NZ sports betting lines on offer for the same product. This is why it’s important to shop around for the best possible deal.

How Much Money Can I Make?

This is a question often heard from those just starting out – those eager to discover the potential locked up in betting on sports.

The answer is a simple matter of maths. The amount you can possibly make all depends on how good you are at shopping around, spotting the best value for your money, and knowing the best bets from the not-so-good ones.

For those looking to turn a small input into a profit, parlay bets are probably best. But with that having been said, you’ll still need to learn all you can about the event you’re betting on for the best possible outcome.

Will I Become Rich?

With so many people making a permanent living from betting on sports, getting rich off it is certainly possible.

However, this doesn’t mean it will happen easily or overnight.

In fact, for people with limited time and resources on their hands, sports betting mostly remains a hobby – albeit a very enjoyable one.

How Often Will I Win?

The good news is you don’t need to be a professional sports bettor to win often. Again, it all comes down to the effort you’re willing to put in.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to give up after a few losing bets. Those who have mastered the trade know that there’s more to the game than a losing bet every once in a while.