Sevens and Stripes by Real Time Gaming hark back to a different era. With a single payline and only three reels, this American themed online slot machine game would not look out of place at a casino in America in the 1970’s. The game is well designed with the predominate colours being red white and blue. Very patriotic, the game will bring out the American in any player. Sevens and Stripes is a slot game slimmed down to be as simple as they get.

Set up just like the One Armed Bandits of yore, the game does not feature any wild or scatter symbols, any story line, any animated characters, or any bonus rounds but does feature a progressive jackpot. Players definitely won’t get bored however, as because of the single pay line and low number of symbols, payouts happen frequently.

The game is also available on mobile platforms, and is supported by both Android and iOS. This was only introduced recently while the original online was launched back in 2005. Due to it being such a beautifully simple game, nothing is lost on a smaller screen however.  Sevens and Stripes has an incredibly low maximum bet of only three coins, so will appeal to serious players looking for something different as well as fun players just looking for some light hearted entertainment.

Sevens and Stripes Slot Symbols

As you can imagine, the symbols are all old typed like some symbols found in Credit Card slots. No dazzling animations to be found here, the symbols are clean cut and simple. Red sevens, white sevens and blue sevens are always visible with the only other three symbols being red bars, white bars and yes, you guessed it, blue bars. These are styled exactly on the classic icons appearing in the traditional Vegas style slot machines found in Sin City decades ago.  A seven of each colour will win the jackpot, three red sevens being the second highest payout, and three blue sevens being the third. Any three matching symbols however will result in a payout, and as there are only six symbols this happens with regularity.

Sevens and Stripes Slot Symbols


Sevens and Stripes has no bonus games, free spins or other features, but does have two great jackpots available for payers to win. The first is the normal jackpot which as mentioned above is won by spinning three sevens, one of each colour in a row. Players might be surprised to find out that Sevens and Stripes has a progressive jackpot, but the reality is that you can win quite substantially. The payout increases with every bet placed with maximum coins.

The current payout is always displayed above the reels and below the paytable. The progressive jackpot is won when you are betting with maximum coins and a red seven, white seven, and blue seven appear in the payline in exactly that order. The jackpot can be won o matter what your coin value, but will only be triggered with the maximum bet of three coins, and never with one or two.