Golden Ticket is a rather unique slot. The reels work very differently to most other slots on the market, as does the bonus game. The game has a 5 x 5 grid, which means that five reels have five symbols each. The reels and symbols do not spin, but instead fall from above after each click of the button. This system is called cascading reels.

Golden Ticket has no win lines, so the only choices you can make with regard to wagering amounts is how much wish to spend per spin. Golden Ticket is a game which will appeal to pretty much every player. Its unique game play is more like an arcade game than a slot machine and will be a breath of fresh air to experienced players who spend a lot of time spinning reels. Beginners will enjoy the graphics and interesting game play.

Circus Theme

Golden Ticket is all about an old school circus, as one would have found in the 1800’s. To the left of the reels can be seen one of the three main characters; a clown, a strongman or the ringmaster. The graphics in Golden Ticket are very detailed, with animation in both the background and the reels themselves. Behind the reels is the big top tent, complete with acrobatic poles and red and white stripes. Player info is at the bottom of the screen, laid out in neat buttons done up to look like brass plates. The right of the screen is taken up with an area which shows your winnings per spin so that you can keep track of them. Ambient noise in the background sounds like you are at the circus with music and babbling voices.

Cascading Reels and Golden Wilds

The symbols on the reels of Golden Ticket do not spin as in a normal slot game, but instead fall from above. When a winning combination is formed, those symbols explode leaving gaps. The symbols above fall into the spaces left by the exploding symbols, creating more chances at winning combinations. These symbols have to be in a line of at least three.

When a win is formed, a golden ticket wild is created in the middle of the line. This symbol does not explode but falls, creating more wins as it can replace all symbols in the game except for the bonus symbol. If a wild creates a win with three symbols, no new ticket is formed. If more than three symbols are formed, a new wild may be formed. The old wild will now explode leaving a gap while the new one remains in place to fall.

Golden Ticket Internet Slot

Golden Ticket Bonus Round

Behind the reels can be seen two sets of letters which spell the word bonus. These are randomly on a different reel with each spin. If you manage to clear an entire reel to reveal the word with one spin you will be granted access to the bonus game.

This game is set in a shooting range. The reels have been designed to look like the top symbols are further away. Here you need to get five or more matching symbols. If you find bonus star symbols you will have to look for.