European Roulette Gold is an online roulette game created by Microgaming. It has received much praise and acclaim from casino game players, with common opinion being that it is the best version of online roulette currently available. The visuals of the game have specifically been designed to appear as if a person is sitting at a real world roulette wheel, using strikingly realistic graphics not seen in many other online games.

Plus, with the addition of a croupier’s voice, true to life wheel physics, and an advanced betting table, there is little else that could be asked for in a roulette game. The user interface is likewise simple and intuitive, based around a what you see is what you get system. The player need only touch the betting option they want, and a bet will be placed.

The only point of the  game that comes under some scrutiny is the lack of a soundtrack, although some insist the exclusion o any music is to the games benefit. A relaxing tune or ambient casino sound may, in the opinion of this article writer, have added a great deal to a sense of emersion. All in all, however, online roulette in Australia deserves its reputation for being an outstanding online roulette game.

Special Features

European Roulette Gold is about as perfect as an online roulette game could be, but the developers have gone the extra mile to add a bit of icing on the cake. Note that when the ball comes to a rest in a pocket that a small window will open near the top of the screen. This window provides a close-up view of the roulette wheel, focusing in on the winning pocket. This added detail, although not necessary, leaves not doubts as to who is, and who isn’t, getting paid out for that spin.

Placing Bets Online in European Roulette Gold

Placing Bets

Perfect for both desktop computer and touch screen devices, European Roulette Gold allows players to simply point at what they want, and it will happen. Placing specific bets is as easy as indicating the desired betting option and clicking, or tapping. One press of the betting option will result in a single chip being placed. If the player would like higher or lower bets per press, this can be changed via the chip pile at the bottom left of the screen.

To reduce a placed bet by one chip, hold shift on a desktop computer and click, or, on a touch screen device, hold the chip pile with one finger and tap the bet you want to be reduced. The system is extremely user friendly and intuitive, allowing virtually anyone to jump straight into the game. As would be expected, the standard betting options of roulette are available, including first, second and third twelve, red and black, odds and evens, and so on. Note the extra betting options near the top of the screen, which are self explanatory and easy to use. These betting options, although not seen on some roulette wheels, are an official addition that brings an extra layer of strategy to the game.