The Heist slot machine game, created by Betsoft provides an action-packed, intense gaming experience. It features a fully animated opening sequence, telling the story of a master bank robber, and the police officer bent on stopping him. The sheer effort that has gone into creating this animation is an unusual step-up from average online slot machines. The game itself, played via a detailed, high-tech in-game console, is likewise surprisingly intricate, featuring animated symbols and an immersive soundtrack. The game as a whole is markedly of higher quality then the majority of similar online slot machine games. The Heist is available to play on mobile phone, tablet, home computer and laptop.

How to Play?

Despite the high-tech interface, the Heist slot machine game abides by expected basic slot machine rules. First, a player must decide on how many lines they wish to play. This can be done via the interface at the bottom of the screen, with options from just one bet line, all the way through to thirty bet lines. It is important to keep in mind that the more lines played, the higher the chance of getting winning sequences, but the more up front cash required. Remember that the bet may also be separately changed, via the control found beside the bet line selector. Once bet lines have been selected, the player may now spin the reels. This is done via the red spin button found at the bottom left of the screen. When the reels have stopped, any winning sequences will automatically be marked with a solid line, and applicable payouts made directly to the account balance. As in many MasterCard slots at, bet lines may be changed between spins. If a bonus feature symbol lands in a sequence, the applicable mini-game will launch automatically. For a more detailed explanation of the game rules, please select the view pays option in the upper right.

Heist Online Slot Symbols

Basic Game Symbols

The basic game symbols of the Heist slot machine game include a stopwatch, keypad and vault blueprints, which are the least valuable in the game. The mid value symbols are a pistol, bag of cash and banknote, while the most valuable in the game are the bag of diamonds, police officer, and heist master. If matching with himself a minimum of three times, and maximum of five times, the heist master is a player’s best friend. In order to make real money in the game, however, the player should keep an eye out for the bonus symbols.

Big Cash Bonus Symbols

In the Heist slot game the first of the bonus symbols is the glass cutter. If the glass cutter lands three times on any reels, the player may select one symbol for a bonus cash payout. If the C4 symbol lands anywhere on reel two, it will explode and transform this reel into wild symbols. The vault doors are the big payout special feature. If vault doors are matched three times, in any position, the exciting special mini-game is triggered. The player will become Neil, the heist master, and attempt to steal the cash before being stopped by the police. This mini-game has a fifty-fifty percent chance of paying out big.