In short, sports betting is not seasonal, no. Sports betting can be done all year round, as there are both summer and winter sports available and with the convenience of betting online Canadian bettors will never miss a betting opportunity, whether it be summer or winter.

Winter Betting Opportunities

The winter months bring with it many great betting opportunities with the biggest being the winter Olympics. This takes place in February and features great winter sports such as alpine skiing, figure skating, speed skating, cross country skiing, snowboarding, bobsleigh and a host of others, During the winter Olympics the amount of betting opportunities increase and becomes one of the most popular sports betting opportunities of the year.  For Canadians the winter season bring with it ice hockey which is a popular sport for betting and also the national sport of Canada which means that ice hockey enthusiasts will be placing bets throughout the season.

The NBA and NHL are also popular winter sports and draw bettors from all over the world. The NBA is one those sports which covers both winter and spring with the real season beginning with the playoffs. The NBA is extremely popular and sports betting sites offer a range of bets with large betting limits. Some sports like soccer have different seasons, in the US soccer is played in summer while in other parts of the world it is played over the autumn and winter season.  With online betting though bettors can place bets on all their favourite soccer games no matter which season they are happening in.

Summer Betting Opportunities

Summer Betting Opportunities

The summer season has many great betting opportunities and it seems there are more sporting events on offer during the summer months around the world. The Tour de France is a popular cycle tour held in July and is followed closely by cycling fans and avid Canadian sports betting fans. News coverage of this popular event has increased the amount of betting opportunities. For golfing fans the British and US Open are both popular summer sports and are held in June and July. The US Open is the 2nd of four major golfing events held each year.

A very popular summer event to bet on is Wimbledon, considered the most famous tennis events in the world and is also the oldest tournament in the world. Other popular tennis betting opportunities include Australian Open, French Open and US Open. These events are referred to as the tennis grand slam. Betting on cricket is also very popular and includes the Ashes and the ICC Cricket World Cup.

The summer Olympics hosts a range of sports that draw a huge amount of online betting fans like at These include popular sports such as athletics, swimming and diving, gymnastics, hockey, rugby, canoeing and many more.  The summer Olympics is a great way for Canadian bettors to place bets not only on their favourite sport, but to support their country.  Sports betting sites will start offering futures bets for this great summer event many months ahead of time allowing bettors to be prepared.

For Canadian bettors placing bets on sporting events all around the world is made possible by placing easy and convenient bets online.  The great advantage of this is that no matter what the season, summer or winter, they are able to place bets on their favourite sporting event or team.