Harry Trotter is an online casino game that is based on the wizarding theme of the English fantasy series, Harry Potter, written by author J K Rowling. The series is centred around Harry Potter, a somewhat awkward teenage wizard and his adventures at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and his quest to save the world from the evil wizard, Lord Voldemort. In the slot game Harry Trotter, BluePrint Gaming has created their own take on the popular series.

Harry Trotter is a wizard, like Harry Potter, except he is also a pig. Hence the name Trotter.  The game features fun symbols such as  wizard hats, spellbooks, gold coins and golden shields which relate to the Harry Potter magical theme. Meanwhile, a 3D Harry Trotter the pig appears at regular intervals flying across the board on his broomstick causing the reels to go wild. This is done as part of the Trotter’s Magic Wild Reels feature. In addition, Harry Trotter provides assistance to the play by acting as a wild card. The pig pun is maintained by Bonus rounds such as the one called ‘Squeal or No Squeal.’\

Harry Trotter Online Slots Basics

Harry Trotter has a five reels with 20 fixed win lines and 3 rows of symbols. The amount for which you can spin ranges from 20c to $1000. You can choose the auto-play option if you wish, which allows you to select up to 50 games automatically.

The wild symbol, which is Harry Trotter himself with the word ‘wild’ written underneath, is the symbol you will want to aim for. This is because the biggest single win will come from it. If you get 5 of these wild symbols on a win line you will win 1000 times your bet amount. 4 of these symbols lets you walk away with 50 times your bet amount; 3 will give you 5 times and even two will let you win – although only 1/5 of your bet amount. Furthermore, the wild symbol can be a substitute for all the other symbols in the game.

Other symbols players can find a pointy witch’s hat, a spell book and a bag of gold coins. There are also playing card symbols but they are spruced up so as to comply with the magical theme. At random times during play Harry Trotter will appear on the screen causing some or all of the reels to go completely wild. These appearances of Harry Trotter do not, however, interrupt the auto-play of real online pokies game.

Bonus Features of Harry Trotter

When you play Harry Trotter you will play a lot of the bonus rounds as they are rather frequent. A bonus round begins if you hit 3 of the bonus symbols. All bonus rounds start from the Magical Map Bonus. ‘Squeal or No Squeal’ is a popular bonus round that begins when the squeal or no squeal symbol appears. Players choose a book to see a cash prize. If you want to accept that prize you choose squeal. If not you choose the no squeal option and can choose another book. You can choose the no squeal option up to 5 times in a round. In the Trail of Magic bonus round you will roll dice and then move around the board to collect the magical prizes. The Magic Mirror Bonus gives you free spins. If a mirror symbol appears during a spin then a symbol on the reels will be duplicated in the mirrors. This gives you more chances to win big.