When the internet became more popular and widespread throughout the world, it allowed millions of people to start enjoying casino games from the comfort of their own homes. While there were plenty of casinos that offered their games live through the browser, they tended to be slower and more difficult to work with, often clogging up the line for everyone else.

This led to casinos starting to offer players the chance to download entire suites of games instead, where they could have the games available at a moment’s notice, and without having to spend all that time loading them up. However, we’re beginning to slowly transition away from that and toward instant play, which is becoming the new reigning king.

Why We Downloaded Slots

In the modern age of fibre and 5G networks, some may wonder why it was necessary to download any games when they could be streamed online. Games like slots, however, due to the fact that they often needed a constant connection to the internet, as well as offered excellent graphics, tended to be quite difficult for most internet users to play efficiently. Downloading was a simple answer that allowed people to have the games stored directly on their hard drives. This wasn’t always ideal: not all software suites that were downloaded were always clean of malware.

The Need For Flash

One of the biggest problems that players faced when trying to play games online through their browsers was the need for third-party software. HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is a special machine language that websites use to display content. Because HTML was only able to offer images and text, players were forced to make use of something like Flash, which was able to render videos and other interactive content. This also meant that the browser was forced to load more software every time it wanted a site to show correctly, and when it came to casino games, this could slow the webpage down to a crawl. Flash, however, has been officially deprecated as of December 2020, and has been replaced by a more modern method of content display known as HTML5.

What Is HTML5

HTML5 is the very latest iteration of HTML, and it’s the most powerful one yet. Where software like Flash was absolutely necessary in order to have a website run properly, it’s no longer necessary, as HTML5 is able to render every element of a webpage without the need for any third party software. It’s extremely versatile, and has become the new standard for all modern websites.

When it comes to casino games, HTML5 really begins to shine, especially for games like slots. Offering a smoother experience, significantly shorted page loading times, and the ability to fully render high definition 3D graphics through the browser, HTML5 is the best choice for those players that want to enjoy the very latest Australian pokies without having to download large and cumbersome gaming suites.