For those serious about winning at sports betting by playing the long game, the secret is to treat in a serious rather than a casual way.

While many people bet for the thrill of betting only, others know that the only right way to bet on sports is to adopt the attitude of betting being a way to make real money.

Below are a few pointers for turning your sports betting journey from a casual one into a money-making machine.

Do It For The Right Reason

It’s true, sports betting is attractive because of the lure of the excitement of placing a bet on an activity you enjoy.

But when wanting to do sports betting right, it is important to know that the aim should be to place not only a bet, but one likely to put cash back into your pocket.

To say that betting on should be to win money might seem logical and common sense to some people, an astounding amount of betting action comes from punters who gamble merely for the thrill of it. And while there’s nothing wrong with this, the most exciting bit will always be to cash out that winning ticket.

Bet When Your Chances Are Good

The message is short and clear: bet only on those games where you have a good chance of winning.

When deciding which game or event to wager on, pick only those you’ve analysed as having an edge over the bookmaker. Or in other words, bet when you know that you have superior knowledge or insight over everybody else – especially the bookie.

Mindless gambling on whatever happens won’t get you anywhere.

Use Your Head

Bet with your head, not your heart (emotions).

In other words, don’t disregard the actual facts simply because you happen to have an emotional attachment with a particular team or player.

Being A Fan Is Expensive

While betting on your favourite sport or team is great when you’re just starting out (for learning the ropes), once you start betting seriously, you cannot afford to be a fan.

Being a fan of a particular team or player may cloud your judgement and make you to close your mind to other, more lucrative options.

Blind allegiance has never done any sports bettor any favours.

Betting Doesn’t “Help” The Team

Many punters fall into the trap of thinking that the better the bet, the better their team’s chances of winning. But important to remember is the team isn’t even aware of the bet, and so this will make no difference either way.

The only place where showing undying loyalty to any team will make a difference is to your bankroll. And often not in a good way.

Manage Your Money

Betting incorrectly is as dangerous to your chances of success as being an emotional bettor.

For every professional sports bettor, money management is absolutely key.

Keep Your Cool When Losing

Losing streaks will inevitably happen. This is the very nature of the game.

When on a losing streak, it is vital that you keep your cool and your wits about you. A good strategy is to put betting on hold for a while, take stock of the situation, and return with a new game-plan.