When it comes to online slot games, there are very few themes that actually haven’t been covered. Because of the popularity that they enjoy, there are several new additions to what’s on offer to players on a fairly regular basis and as a result, casino game developers need to be able to offer titles that set them apart from other games of this kind. Betsoft is well-versed in this and with their thorough knowledge and understanding of the industry, created a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde slot. This game is a combination of the classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson and the modern twist that the world of online casinos brings. For all the information you need with regards to this game, take a look below.

The Structure

Like most games of this kind, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde slot game is one that centres around a very simple structure. This is important, as slot games move very quickly, so players don’t want to spend too much time figuring out how the game works. Instead, they just want to be able to jump right in and get those reels spinning. This is certainly likely with this particular game, as players will be delighted to know that Betsoft has not tried to over-complicate anything and as a result, this game has just five reels and 30 paylines.

The Symbols

Of course, the symbols play an extremely important part in any online slot game, as they are responsible for showing players exactly what is happening on the reels at any given point, as well as conveying the overall theme of the game. When playing Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde slot game, players can expect to be treated to a whole host of different symbols, each one designed specifically in reference to the famous novel after which this slot game was named. These symbols include the likes of the game’s logo, a lock accompanied by a key, a newspaper, the police, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Online Slot Symbols

The Frenzy Bonus Feature

Like roulette having offers at https://gamblingca.net/roulette, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde slot game has plenty of bonus features, but perhaps the most lucrative one is the Frenzy Bonus Feature. When activated, this can pay out a multiplication of up to 30 times the initial bet. All that players need to do in order to activate this feature is land the Dr Jekyll symbol, the Mr Hyde symbol and the game’s logo on the second, third and fourth reels respectively. This bonus feature will automatically be triggered, and players will be able to delight in watching their winnings increase before their eyes.

Betsoft has pulled out all of the stops when it came to creating the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde slot game. The theme is conveyed fantastically through the use of some strong imagery and graphics on the reels, while the Frenzy bonus feature is, without a doubt, a very welcome addition to what this game can provide its players with.