Roulette is a fantastic casino game whether played in a real casino or online. With minimal input and surprisingly good RTP (Return To Player) roulette sets itself to be an all-time favourite game for many casino goers. Roulette does not need to just be fun as it is very possible to make money too. In the below we will go over a few tips and tricks for roulette players to increase your chances of making money while playing roulette.

American Vs European

The main difference between American roulette and European roulette is that American roulette has a 0 and 00 while European roulette only has a single 0. This results in European roulette having a house edge of only 2.3% while American roulette house edge is 5.26%. If you are unfamiliar with the house edge, the short explanation is that lower is better.

Don’t be fooled by the names American and European, with modern casinos you are likely to find both games available in any good casino. Be sure to look for a table with a single zero whenever you plan on playing roulette

Using La Partage And En Prison

La partage and En Prison rules are a great way to cut the house edge even further down from the already low 2.3% in European roulette. Below will be a brief explanation and an example of each. The decision will likely be based on which is available to you rather than which you prefer, usually offer one or the other and not both. Do try to find tables with these rules though, as decreasing the house edge means increasing your chances of profiting.

  • La Partage – La partage is a split of the green between yourself and the dealer. When the ball lands on a green number, instead of losing all bets on black or red, you will receive half of your total bets back. For example, if you were to bet $20 on black and the ball lands on green, you would receive $10 back and the dealer would take the other $10.
  • En Prison – En Prison is a locking of money when the ball lands on green. When the ball lands on green your chips will stay frozen where they are for the next roll. If the next roll outcome aligns with your chips, you will receive your money back. For example, you bet $20 on red and the ball lands on green. If the next roll lands on red, you will receive your $20 back in full. If it lands on black or green again you have lost your bet.

Money Management

In all forms of gambling, money management will go a long way to ensure your overall success. Stick to your bankroll and play to such an extent that your bankroll can suffer at least ten losses in a row. While this may seem extensive, getting close to your limit will generally cause stress and lead you to making poor decisions in the heat of the moment. Play slots Canada with your head and not your heart.