The Bathurst Cup is run annually in Bathurst, in mid-February, and usually on a Sunday.

Champion trainers throw their weight behind the Bathurst Cup ‘Legends of Racing’ celebrations at Bathurst. The Bathurst Thoroughbred Racing Club feels that all of the day’s races provide a tangible link to the Bathurst district’s racing heritage with some events destined to become iconic on the country racing circuit. Races such as the Bathurst Cup, Magic Millions Tulloch Cup, Bill Aspros Cup, Hugh Bowman Cup, and ‘The Barb’, recall some of the most famous champion thoroughbreds in Australian racing history along with winning trainers and jockeys, all with a strong connection to the Bathurst region.

On the Ground Attractions

Nevertheless, visiting this region, and using the opportunity to see and explore Bathurst is a pleasure that anyone who can get there, should indulge themselves in all that is to be seen and done in the region. The Bathurst region in known to cater to all interests ranging from gold rush to motor racing or the beginning of life to family memoirs. With the region being an adventure from city streets to country lanes, from the skies above to underground caverns. The Bathurst Cup is run over a distance of 1800m and is considered the feature event at this high quality regional country racing day in Bathurst.

Horse Racing in Bathurst

The sport of kings, and the equestrian delight that is horseracing, has been part of human society for thousands of years. Recorded by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, publically enjoyed by the Babylonians and Romans, horses and humans’ destinies are certainly entwined. Originally, obviously, part of the development of warriors’ skill on horseback, the sport of horse racing and the complementary pastime of horse betting is still extremely popular and thoroughly enjoyed by all modern day societies.

Many different types of horse racing have evolved over the years, and some of these include; Flat racing, the most popular type whereby horses sprint from point to point on a straight or oval track; Steeple chasing, where horses jump obstacles and perform acrobatics; Harness racing, which is essentially a modern day form of charioteering; and Endurance racing, where the horses run great distances even over 150km. This modernization of the sport has kept it relevant and made it an interest for punters around the world.

Complete Online Access

Technology has enabled everyone to have the tools to access this thrilling, and rewarding pastime at their very fingertips. Particularly suited to events such as the Bathurst Cup, online sports books enable all and sundry to attend, bet and thereby effectively participate in one of Bathursts’ great social and recreational events. And now, with the booming popularity of online sports books, it means greater horse racing betting winnings and better odds because of the massive betting pool. A complete range of betting options is always available at sport books’ horse betting sites, and with respect to the Bathurst Cup ‘legends of Racing’ event all possible details are provided by the Bathurst Thoroughbred Racing Club.