Some online slot game themes have emerged as more popular than others over the years, with many of them being used over and over again in multiple different games. One such theme is that of fruit slots, which have come a long way since the beginning days of slot machines in traditional casinos. Of course, over the years, developers have created fruit slot games with a twist in order to keep things interesting and less predictable for players. Crazy Jackpot 60000 slot game is one of them. While this fruit slot has all of the makings of a classic fruit slot, it also boasts a host of unique features that are sure to entice players. Details of these features can be found below.


Crazy Jackpot 60000 slot game has a fairly simple structure. However, this is not uncommon when it comes to slot games in general. In fact, the simpler they are, the better. Slot games move incredibly quickly and as a result, players need to be able to quickly jump into the game and play without spending too much time trying to figure out how to play it. This particular game’s developer, Betsoft, has plenty of experience in creating online slot games and because of this, has kept this game’s structure to a straightforward three reels, which offers 27 different paylines.


As mentioned above, Crazy Jackpot 60000 slot game is a fruit slot. Naturally, it only makes sense for its symbols to take the form of various pieces of fruit. These include the likes of lemons, watermelons, grapes and cherries. Additionally, players can also look forward to seeing the likes of stars, jokers and bells. Every time a player manages to match up a few symbols and form a winning combination on the main reel, they will be awarded a multiplier of up to five times.


The main reason for Crazy Jackpot 60000 bearing the name that is has is simply because when players hit the jackpot, they will be awarded with 60000 coins. All players need to do in order to trigger this jackpot is keep an eye out for the aforementioned joker symbols. Not only can these joker symbols help players win the jackpot, they can also help them multiply their winnings along the way. These are indeed the game’s most powerful symbols; as they can help players drastically increase their winnings within a matter of seconds.

In a Nutshell

Crazy Jackpot 60000 slot game can be played for free for players who don’t yet feel comfortable enough to put down any real money. This way, they can have plenty of time to practice and ready themselves to a point where they are comfortable with placing real money bets like real money blackjack players in the UK at All in all, this game has something on offer for players of every level, as it offers a classic slot game set up and combines it with a number of new, innovative features designed for helping players to increase their winnings rather significantly.