Casino Stud Poker is originally called Caribbean Stud Poker, and is a version of the popular card game Poker. This version was originally created around 1980 as a new, more exciting version of poker designed specifically for Casino’s. This version has a much higher house edge, but moves much faster than the traditional game.

How to Play Casino Stud Poker

Casino Stud Poker is played with very similar rules to regular five card poker. The major difference is that it is played against the house of the dealer, and not other players. This lends it very well to be played online solo against a computer.

To begin, you have to place a bet called an Ante on the table. This is done by clicking on the appropriate button. Casino Stud Poker includes a progressive jackpot that is an optional extra to the game. To enter into the chances of winning it, the player must place a bet at the start of the game again by clicking on the appropriate button. The Ante bet is adjustable depending on your budget, but the bet for the progressive jackpot is fixed.

Once all bets are placed, the dealer or computer will deal you five cards face down, and himself five cards, one face up. You then have to appraise your hand to see if you have any well known combinations such as two of a kind, full house or even three of a kind. You then compare your hand to the one face up card in the dealers hand. Should you think that your hand could beat his, you call. To do this you have to make another bet equal to double your Ante bet. If your hand cannot beat his, you fold, and lose your Ante bet.

The dealer then shows his cards. He has to have a minimum combination to qualify, or carry on. If his hand does not have this qualification, then the Ante bet is paid out to the play 1 to 1, in other words it is just returned. If the dealers hand does qualify then his hand is compared to the player’s hand. The hand with the highest score wins. If the dealers hand is highest, the player loses. If the hands are equal the Ante bet is returned. If the players hand is higher, he is then paid out according to a paytable with all the possible hands on it.

How to Play Casino Stud Poker

Progressive Jackpot

The jackpot is a totally separate payout from the rest of the game. The dealers hand makes no difference to whether you win the jackpot or not. The jackpot is paid out when the players hand is a flush or higher. The higher the hand, the bigger percentage of the jackpot is won. A straight flush is worth ten percent and a royal is worth 100%.

Play n Go’s Casino Stud Poker

Play n Go have designed their game to look like the real thing. The view is of table, with the player sitting centred. The graphics are clean and modern, and play well on a bigger or a smaller screen. The layout is easy to understand like in some Aristocrat slots and will appeal to players who have never tried to play Casino Stud Poker. Like no deposit slots in Canada at, Casino Stud Poker can also be played for free money purely as fun, or to practice for the real thing.