Basse is a field sport involving mainly a ball made from straps of old bicycle tyres or rubber bands, all strung together. The ball is specifically designed so that it does not bounce. Basse is generally played on a mid-field circle section, and involves 5 or 6 players. Basse is not a team sport, but an individual sport.  Each player competes against all of the other players participating in the game.

The aim of a game of Basse is an interesting one. Each player must ensure that the rubber ball does not enter their pre-designated region on the playing field.  Players also attempt to ensure that the ball does in fact, enter another player’s region on the field. The tricky part is that the ball is not permitted to be touched or struck by the player’s hand, but instead any other part of the body must be used. In this regard, it closely resembles a game of soccer, especially taking into account the defence and aim components in common with a game of soccer.

Instead of making use of a number of goals scored as is the case in soccer and hockey, Basse makes use of a negative point scoring system. Each time the ball lands in a particular player’s designated region, one negative point is awarded to that player for the particular game. The player to earn a certain number of negative points is eliminated from the game. This continues in like fashion until such time as there are two players left on the field.

The remaining two players now enter a sudden-death situation. The first player to land the rubber ball in the region of the other player, is crowned the overall winner of the match.

A Bounce in the Right Direction

In sports betting, different sports have different systems for predicting the odds and placing a successful bet. This must obviously be the case due to the differing rules of various sports. Despite the fact that the betting systems differ, the basic jargon remains the same, and it is important to first off, understand the lingo.

Action is the bottom line. Action is in its simplest form, betting activity. This probably originated from street betting, when participants would express their interest in placing a bet by the use of phrases such as wanting in on the action. These phrases were coined in the days when sports betting and gambling on an outcome was still illegal. It was a sort of code.

Another crucial concept is a term referred to as “the line”.  The line is the odds for any particular system – depending on the specific type of system. A bookmaker will generally be the responsible party for setting a the line.

At first, the lingo may seem intimidating, but once a few trial bets have been placed, players soon become versed in the garb of the system.

Basse Wagering

Basse: Types of Bets

Comparing to soccer betting, the types of bets generally placed on a Basse game usually includes who the ultimate victor will be, who the runner up will be, the total number of points accumulated against any given participant and even a prediction made of who the first player to be eliminated will be.