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Professional Reels - Acting, Spokesperson, Commercial, Song Composition and Vocals

Derra St. Denis - Professional Acting Reel - Time - .40

Derra St. Denis - Professional Acting Reel - Time - 2:51

Derra St. Denis - Professional Spokesperson Reel

Derra St. Denis - Workopolis Commercial

Sinbad the Sailor Man composition and lyrics by Derra St. Denis for FOX NHL Hockey USA (Illustrations by Derra St Denis)

Derra in Greys Garden 2007
Derra in Greys Garden
Scene with Drew Barrymore
Derra as Indian
Indian shot by Photographer Lydia Charak,
Make-up Artist - Film Black Robe
Derra in other Character Modes
Homeless pic above: Principle Actor
Docu-drama Cracked - TVO
Derra Sitting
L3xicon.coma web thesaurus and lexicon listing derrastdenis.com Actor, Actress and Film

Derra Standing
Photo: Alex Beveridge

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Photo by Denise Grant Photo: Denise Grant



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Derra at an ACTRA Conference (middle)
Derra (middle) at an ACTRA Conference...

Direct Contact: Derra St. Denis - Facebook
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Principle Agency Contact: The Byron Agency, Gillian Byron (416) 238-9705 byronagency@gmail.com

Acting in several productions, looking contemporary, or costumed & wigged to accomodate the period, Derra's body of work is diverse ranging from principal actor in film to national spokesperson on TV. She also, sings and plays piano. Her first composition, she wrote a jingle for FOX NHL Hockey called "Sinbad the Sailor Man" which aired on one of their commercials, and she was the teacher in the spot. This work enabled her to join SAG (Screen Actors Guild), TMA (Toronto Musicians Association, in association with the AFM - American Federation of Musicians), and SOCAN (Foundation representing Canadian music creators and publishers). Diana Reis of the First Stages Theatre Company is keenly perceptive and astute when directing actors. First Stages Theatre Company is privileged to have presented some of Canada's finest actors, including Derra St. Denis.



Recently, I worked on a FSN (Fox Sports Network) hockey commercial, had a principal ACTRA role in it as the music teacher, and wrote the music and lyrics for the spot. It was so interesting to be part of this commercial and become a member of SAG (Screen Actors Guild) www.sag.org, SOCAN (Society of Music Creators & Publishers) www.socan.com, and the TMA www.torontomusicians.org and the AFM (American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada) www.afm.org.

In Our Fathers, I had an actor role. An American MOW, based upon a true story about Cardinal Law of Boston, Mass., U.S.A. And I have just learned that the entire day we shot was edited out of the movie! C'est la vie, as they say, the director, Dan Curtis, gave me the thumbs up, the day we shot, I got paid, and became a Full Member of ACTRA through this role. So it was not a total loss, although it would have been nice to have seen my particular footage on the screen. Who knows why production decided it was not a good fit for the final edit? There will be more, and I say this to inspire other actors who have had this same experience.
Christopher Plummer-Our Fathers

At twelve years old I acted in a theatrical production at my school whereby four hundred students auditioned and five of us were selected. I will never forget that first audition! It was an amazing experience and that gave me the acting bug for certain. Previous to that I had performed numerous singing and piano shows since I was five years old in private recitals and school productions. When I came to Toronto, I found a talent agent and my professional career began. It was very difficult at first, as I did not know anyone in Toronto (being from Montreal). Acting classes took up most of my time with reputable coaches I found through Theatre Ontario such as Patricia Hamilton, Eli Rill, Diana Reis, Carol Rosenfeld, Rosemary Dunsmore, and Al Waxman. Also, to continually hone my acting craft, I created one woman shows for events in the corporate arena and have performed hundreds to date. My resume reflects a body of experience in film, television, theatre, commercials and corporate events.

My life has been a true roller-coaster ride of numerous roles, working towards fulfilling that goal: Dreams come true. If you persevere they really do.

Inspired by the acting work of the infamous Mel Gibson, he is definitely a Hollywood icon. Visit www.MelGibson.com and see his photo below!

And this spring past, played "Linda Lauzon" in Les Belles Soeurs, a Diana Reis & Celia McBride equity theatre play-reading.

Other acting film credits include: principle voice-over "Operation Golden Phoenix with the late Al Waxman; actor - Inde. Series Pilot "Diverted, Weapons in the School" directed by Brenda Darling (also, appeared in a CBC short film she directed with L.A. producer Jim Pasternak; actor - Deja Vu Deja Vu - Rados Films listed at www.imdb.com

www.torontopictures.com As Derra Eaton principle actor in film, Maybe www.torontopictures.com also, at www.imdb.com ; and principle actor in Let's Open The Champagne accepted in Spain & New York Film Festivals.

Other work included *Boxing/Ring Announcer (See Events...page d'Evenements) aired on TSN ,FAN 590 Radio & CFTO News live at the Air Canada Centre for The Night of the Hurricane with Rubin "Hurricane" Carter and part of the presentation of the Honorary World Championship Belt; Singer/Actor on the Cooking Show Occasions; Singer on CFRB live to air, Happy Birthday to Burton Cummings (I met him recently, and long ago, when my brother, Mike St. Denis was lead guitarist for Bob Segarini & they all played at the El Macambo at the Imperial Room/Royal York Hotel with James B on CFRB". Some of the comedic Characters created for Corporate & TV: "Bad Girl" (take-off on Mel Lastman's Bad Boy Furniture), "Monica Lewinsky", "French Maid Madeline" (who really speaks French), "Marilyn Monroe": "4" different Character appearances on Open Mike with Mike Bullard and the Sean Tweedley Warm-Up Show; singing and performances in over 300 Corporate Shows as different characters including the launch of History Television, Grand openings and events with Mel Lastman, Mayor Hazel McCallium, Ed Mirvish, Eddie Greenspan, and Lloyd Robertson. Also, previously produced a live caberet Acts with Pizazzz which aired sporadically on several networks.

Please see www.businessownersideacafe.com


Type of Business:

What does your business do?
As an actor, my business is to RELY ON THE BEST AGENTS, beat the pavement (and Internet) to find work. My website is my
Resume and lists my credentials, bio and photos.

When and why did you start the biz?
I started my website January 2001 to help get more acting work.

How Many People are in your Company?
Just me.

Where's your office?
It is in my home and my work is on location.

What's the toughest part of running your biz?
The toughest part of running your own business, as a professional actor is keeping abreast of the marketing whilst rehearsing.

What's the most fun part?
The most fun part is the result...you work!

Anything you would have done differently?
I would have chosen a university BA in Fine Arts, instead of Inyernational Economis - Arts (Pre-Law). Ah...the beauty of hindsight! I could still do a masters in Fine Arts, but the opportunity cost of being taken away from work might prove too grave.

What's next on the horizon for your biz?
Next, I would like to oscillate between Canada and the U.S. (Los Angeles) for work and eventually, relocate there, as it is the mecca of film-making.

What advice do you have for others?
Like Nike's ad, I always remember..."Just Do It". If you wait, plan too much, ponder the endless possibilities, you'll probably talk yourself out of starting your business.

There will always be much too learn along the way, and pitfalls. You will not regret the enormous feeling of accomplishment you'll feel as results start to occur.

Keep a positive attitude at all times, and the valleys will become hills, and eventually, you will climb to the top of the mountain!

There is one guarantee about quitting...it will "not" happen.

How do you use Idea Cafe to help your biz?
Well, since I just, just joined Idea Cafe, I expect that it will fill my mind with ideas!

One can never know too much as a self-starter. Even persons from other businesses can provide inspiration.

Lastly, I wish to know info about grants, resources in Los Angeles, work permits etc.

School (where, still in school, degree)?
York University - Special Honors B.A.

Prior jobs or business?
Corporate sales of electronic components and computers, represented a leading fashion photographer, flight attendant - you name it, I've had so many jobs.

Favorite Food?
Many...there is not one.

Do any of these pets help with your biz?
Yes, most definitely! Indirectly, my pet provides unconditional love and asks for very little in return...I adore my pet.

Is there any one person or event in your life that led you to go into business for yourself?
I auditioned for a play when I was twelve years old. Four hundred students auditioned and there were only five roles, and I got picked. That gave me the acting "bug" for certain.

However, it was always on my mind through other types of work. It helped too that I'd sang and played piano since I was five years old and I had all those performances and recitials to my credit.

Anyone you publicly want to thank?
Meryl Streep, and Julianne Moore. Their work is truly an inspiration to my acting.