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Remember, dreams come true, if you persevere they really do.
And a sense of humour is always a must in this crazy biz!
Derra has an extensive background in being a professional Spokesperson, entertainment, promotions, and acting.
Comfortable with the media & live on TV & radio. She is available to do tradeshows, special Events, product launches, black ties, charity events, real estate launches etc.
She's even been a flight attendant for two major airlines.
Recently, she wrote a hilarious novel about one of them called Flip the Bird You can check it out, search Derra St. Denis, and purchase it and my other products at

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Derra seen here with Mel Lastman and Mayor Hazel MacCallion & as producer/host/actor in her own variety show: A.C.T.S. with Pizazzz, that was live at the Cameron House on Queen St. in Toronto and aired on several shows on networks Rogers & CFMT.
Events with Mayor Hazel MacCallium, producing/hosting and acting in her own 
variety show, <i>A.C.T.S. with Pizazzz</i>, and Mel Lastman.

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As Marilyn Monroe...
Derra has performed for the likes of: Mr. Hakim of Hakim Optical's 1,000 person sit down dinner with dance troop at the Harbor Castle Westin, Alliance Communications and History Television, Mirvish Productions, Mel Lastman when he was the Megacity Mayor of Toronto, Mayor Hazel McCallion of Mississauga, Eddie Greenspan - Canada's Famous Criminal Lawyer, The Toronto Stock Exchange, La Cage Roadhouse Tour, Legends Canada, and the late Ted Rogers Birthday bash, and several hundred birthday parties, anniversaries & special functions.

...with longer hair Derra as Marilyn Monroe Shot taken at Hilton Suites...

*Derra's latest work is Psychic Eye Readings and has worked at The Omega Centre. This is immensely popular. She instantaneously connects to your being, telling you about your character, goals, health, and spirituality. These personal one-to-one readings will allow you to see your life more clearly, make decisions you have long procrastinated and seek a happier existence. Dreams Do Come True begins with you, finding your purpose and mission in life, tolerating, accepting & adapting with humour to the diversities and imperfections indigenous to the human race, including being able to laugh at yourself. Like a snowflake, there are no two persons exactly alike. Strive to be more beautiful internally than externally, loving yourself unconditionally & being at peace. You must have a spiritual relationship with yourself before you can with anyone else. Derra is intuitive, direct and highly perceptive bringing out the power in you. Some of her recent clients were: Now Magazine, the Academy of Sperical Arts, Pearson Convention Centre, ARIDO (Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario), Kraft Foods at the Deerhurst Resort, Planet Hollywood, The Inn On The Park, the Metro Convention Centre, and CTV Network. Derra can adapt to the theme of your Event, bringing them insight and laughter. Also, she is a big fan of Shirley MacLaine.

She has worked with Chris Gogos of
and Tara Greene of

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Derra has face painted Peter below who works at Erl's Bistro, which was part of

Peter with Lord of the Rings Eagle

Famous...As an actor, never did I think I would bag this role. In 30 years, there has never been a professional boxing production in Canada, and also, never in Canadian history a female ring-announcer on national television. Ring-annoucing in the vast Air Canada Centre, live with 8,000 screaming fans for The Night of the Hurricane , including the presentation of the World Championship belt to Rubin Hurricane Carter on TSN, Fan 590 Radio, and many other stations...see story below...

...more Ring-announcing Derra Ring-announcing

Also, Denzel Washington played Rubin in the movie Hurricane.

*Much, much gratitude goes to the very professional President of The World Boxing Federation, Ron Scalf, who had Spider Jones give me an honorable mention at the Shaw Festival Boxing Evening at the Royal York. My acting coach, Diana Reis always says, Acting and boxing are very similiar, as they both require millisecond decisions.

The boxing shots above were taken April 6, 2000 for "The Night Of The Hurricane", an evening tribute boxing extravaganza to Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. Being a part of the presentation of the "World Championship Belt" to Rubin was incredible. It was right after the movie, "Hurricane" with Denzel Washington. Clips of the movie were shown overhead before the event. It was a night to remember with 8,000 fans, working with Joe Tilly, Stephen Brunt and Michael Landsberg. Para (Hurricane) Draine and (Mean) Margaret Sidoroff were the feature bout of the evening, although when it aired on April 8th, TSN edited them out of this spectacular event! Professional boxing has not been in Canada for 30 years.

Also, there has never been a "female" ring announcer in professional boxing on national television in the history of Canadian boxing, perhaps worldwide. I was shocked our national magazines, television media and newspapers did not pick up on this incredible accomplishment. Typically, any woman in a "non-fighting role", ever gets to do in the boxing arena is be a "number girl". I was thanked over and over by the professional Boxers (who innately, understood my passion for the role), and invited to ring-announce anytime in South America! I felt honored "as a Canadian actor" to be a part of this evening, and gave it my all.

I wasn't a big boxing fan until I ring-announced for The Night of the Hurricane. I wasn't a really huge hockey fan either, being the actor/artist, but by chance aquired famous autographs from the last winning Montreal Canadians' hockey team in 1975, when I was just a kid! These include Guy La Fleur, Yvon Cornoyer, Serge Savard, Bob Gainey, Justin Canele, Guy Lapointe and more on an authentic first class Air Canada place mat where that sat, returning to Montreal from Toronto flying Air Canada. Also, check out If you would like to buy this famous piece of hockey memorabilia, please send me an email at and suggest your price!

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